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Another episode this week!😭

Hello #heartfailuresupporters ❤️

So last weekend started off great, I finally got to celebrate my belated birthday weekend, with my mum and sister. Since being diagnosed, things have been non-stop with medical appointments, tests, medication, lifestyle changes, work, family, etc. and then don't forget lockdown. We took a little trip to Novotel Reading and I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing time, the weather was great, restaurants & shops were in walking distance (max 9mins walk from the hotel - so great for a nice evening stroll).

Being recently diagnosed & having slight anxiety, I'm still worried about being out and about. But the ladies planned everything around me, so one restaurant visit, and we collected all our other food and chilled in the room for some girlie time with games, snacks, relaxation annnnnd of course some vino🍷

A break from the norm...

Whilst on our Saturday afternoon walk, I saw this red, familiar, looking sign on one of the shops, and as we walked closer, I noticed it was the British Heart Foundation and you know what that meant... Boomerang time!

Fast Forward...

After an awesome relaxing weekend, I had excitement number two to look forward to which was starting a new job role with an awesome company. So it was a hectic week, but exciting at the same time, however Thursday evening was a bad one. To be fair, since being diagnosed, I was prescribed with Ramipril and Bisoprolol, but lately they've been making me feel sh!**y to be fair. The evenings are the worst, where the energy levels are non existent, you have no choice but to lie down and sleep. Your body literally just doesn't respond. I'm speaking to my GP as I don’t feel right and this isn't how I felt when I first started taking them (updates to follow).

However, there are episodes which mess you right up. As well as the usual tiredness, there's the headaches, palpitations, feeling feverish, shortness of breath, stomach ache all at the same time. These are what I call an episode, when the body has overworked and the blood isn't pumping around the heart enough, as well as possibly low blood pressure. So.... it was pants!

BUT I'm on the way up again and have had some serious milestones this week:

  1. I want to say a humongous thank you to all #supporters of theHeartBeatsorg, your love and support has been amazing over the last couple of weeks and I can't thank you enough. The website, instagram and JustGiving pages are being shared and we are spreading that social awareness. Whoop whoop🙌

  2. We had a JustGiving target of £250.00 and we hit it in less than 18 hours of the page being created 🎉

  3. The target was then increased to £500.00 and this was hit in less than a week! 🎉🎉

  4. Annnnd I'm also excited to share that theHeartBeatsorg facebook page is up and ready!!!

So it's been an eventful week, I am truly grateful and loving the support from each and everyone of you.

Feel free to share the socials:

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Until next week, stay safe & thank you ❤️ Heart failure (HF) symptoms can be difficult to spot. This is because they could signify the presence of other conditions not directly related to HF, or merely be discounted and attributed to getting older or being out of shape.


Novotel Hotel Reading

British Heart Foundation Reading

NHS UK - Bisoprolol

NHS UK - Ramipril

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